Stefan Doering



President and Founder

Stefan is the creator of BEST Coaches’ groundbreaking 90-day UnReasonable program which brings to the table his almost 35 years of hard-earned business savvy and 4-plus decades of pure heart.






  • Developed a green intrapreneurship strategy for General Motors that was included in the final bailout plan presented to Congress in December 2008
  • Pioneered green retailing, creating one of the largest green retail companies in the US in the early-to-mid 90’s
  • Organized high level forums at Columbia University and the University of Oregon for top GM management to present their vision of sustainability in early 2008
  • Helped launch an environmental education non-profit for early adoption of intensive recycling programs in the mid 1980’s
  • Has been an advisor and speaker for green incubators in New York City
    Served on the Board of Director for a large urban environmental education organization in the 1990’s


He and his coaching team have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs of all types worldwide since 2003, and his passion is working with environmental and sustainable businesses. He has been a true innovator for decades, demonstrating his sustainable business acumen.
Stefan started his first company at the age of 17. His later companies included the leaders of major companies and institutions as well as multi-millionaires and billionaires as investors, board members and mentors, and had household names among their clients.

In 2002, Stefan was nearly killed in an assault on the street, where his head hit the pavement, landing him in a hospital in a coma. When he finally regained consciousness, he had lost 95% of his vision, much of his hearing and almost all of his balance. Doctors announced he might never walk again.

Soon after leaving the hospital, Stefan established a seemingly impossible goal for himself: to run five miles in Central Park within 90 days. Against unfathomable odds, his doctors’ advice and legions of naysayers, he went from being unable to walk to running those five miles—in 90 days. The support he got from dozens of his friends and business associates taught him about the power of having a team in achieving an unreasonable goal.

After his brush with death and his extraordinary recovery, Stefan decided to dedicate his life to helping others achieve the unreasonable. Today, he helps other entrepreneurs achieve ambitious and outrageous goals in their businesses and lives.

In 2005 Stefan started teaching two courses at Columbia University’s Center for Environmental Research and Conservation: Environmental Entrepreneurism and Environmental Intrapreneurism. His courses are for those who want to start their own sustainable companies and others who want to introduce sustainable products and services within the corporate structure.
Stefan has been featured in media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg TV, The CBS Evening News, Good Morning America, The Daily News, The New York Post, The New York Times Magazine, NPR, Business Of Success Radio and WBAI, among others.

Stefan is an adventurous traveler, who often combines travel with volunteer work—and of course a little socially beneficial small business coaching! He has visited more than 30 countries, many of them among the poorest and neediest in the world.

Stefan currently lives with his wife in the best borough in New York City: Brooklyn.