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  • VentureCamp provides chance to create start-up plans

    VentureCamp provides chance to create start-up plans

    INDIANAPOLIS — A first-of-its-kind boot camp for aspiring tech entrepreneurs, being held at one of Indianapolis’ oddest mansions, finds the campers milling by the swimming pool among life-sized, concrete statues. The talk is of digital start-ups and the name-dropping is thick. In their first week of camp, participants heard from Jeff Hoffman, founder of online…

  • Snooki Meets Social Enterprise?

    Snooki Meets Social Enterprise?

    Forbes: Reality TV and social enterprise. Seem like strange bed fellows. But there’s a new incubator/accelerator/boot camp called VentureCamp trying to mix the two. (Just to be clear, co-founder and CEO Giadha Aguirre de Carcer calls what she’s doing a “docu-series”, not reality TV. More on that later). And May 12 is the last day…

  • Long Soul Survivors: The Story of Stefan Doering

    Soul Survivors: Learn more about Stefan Doering’s personal story!  After a violent attack that almost took his life, Stefan Doering, founder of BEST Coaches, showed how will and determination are the keys to success by sharing his amazing personal story. Now he is inspiring others to reach for their dreams.