Why should you work with a business coach? 3 Ways to Achieve Results

Over the past decade, I’ve coached over three thousand entrepreneurs in 13 countries. While most have seen great results, some have not worked well at all.

This is mainly because not everyone should work with a coach, and some are just not coachable.

Coaching works best for those who are committed to improve their “game”, and see the value of an expert who understands their “game” and is trained in working with someone trying to improve it.

Coaching is for those who want to go beyond what they can do on their own.

Using a sports analogy: it is just like basketball. Whether you are just starting out or a Michael Jordan, those who are committed to doing their best often times benefit from having a skilled coach.

Three Ways to Achieve Results (with a business coach):


  • Show up— by making the commitment with an UnReasonable goal, you are two-thirds the way there. For many, just declaring and showing up is most of it. The rest is just doing the work!



  • Take the Coaching— selecting a coach is crucial. You must make sure it is someone you respect and know will make a huge difference for you. Once you make your choice, don’t second-guess the coach. Instead of “Why do I need to do that?”, try, “OK, how many times do you want me to do that?” That doesn’t mean you cannot ask the coach the importance of doing something, but coaching works best when you don’t second-guess the expert.



  • Under Promise / Over-Deliver—many entrepreneurs want to impress their coach, their clients and other stakeholders. Often it is a fine line between over promising and then killing yourself to make it happen vs being your word and making sure you hit a home run. Your credibility skyrockets when you manage what you deliver. People will want to work with you and you will quickly see the results.


To see how coachable you may be, you may want to consider taking the Coachability Index I have new clients use.  The brief questionnaire will quickly give you an idea if working with a great coach might be helpful for you.