US Chamber: It’s Time You Step Up!

Although the data is the data, there are times when an organization should really take an educated position on a divisive issue such as this.

As we’ve seen, the US Chamber of Commerce doesn’t really seem to be representing the largest membership: small businesses. Instead they focus on special interests and revenue-generating activities.

As a result they are starting to become an obsolete entity. Unless they serious revamp and restructure their policies and tatics, they are in for a rocky ride.

For example, the White House is now taking them on. See today’s Politico article, “White House plan: Neuter the Chamber”:

Or the growing groups of businesses leaving the Chamber, larger ones including the likes of PE&G, Nike (left their Board) or the list you already mentioned.

More Congressional Representatives are joining the bandwagon as well, in part because their constituents do not see the Chamber’s value and therefore they don’t see their value.

“They are totally disconnected from the local chambers in my district,” said California Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman. “They’re blissfully unaware of any position taken by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.” according to Politico.

So, Chamber, it is time to step up and join mainstream and responsible business practices. If not, you’ll continue to erode your membership and effectiveness.

Mine included. I am withdrawing my membership to the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce effective immediately!

Stefan Doering