The Importance of Thinking Really Big

By the nature of what I do for a living, I’ve seen some pretty cool and ambitious businesses and business plans.  But the one I saw last Friday blew me away.

I had just finished listening to a presentation for the first 100% solar powered city in the world, about to be built in southwest Florida.

Syd Kyston is the founder of this UnReasonable vision, Babcock Ranch.  On Friday he was presenting to the Roundtable for Sustainable Mobility at Columbia University as our newest member.  The Roundtable is seriously considering working with him to help build this amazing city of tomorrow.

In a geographical area larger than Manhattan, Babcock Ranch will take into account many local environmental factors, be completely off-the-grid by using solar energy, use a sustainable transportation system, build strong communities in the city, utilize intense recycling and integrate many sustainable business practices among many other features.

Syd told us it wasn’t so long ago he almost lost a seven-figure amount of money they had put as a down payment before saving the day (and the money) at the a last-minute.  He also told us about how he was able to use his vision to get local, state, and federal permits together at almost record speeds.

And towards the end of his presentation he mentioned Babcock Ranch would be only the first of the completely sustainable cities he plans on creating around the world.

Syd knows how to think really big.

The Importance of Thinking Big

Most of us get stuck in our way of thinking.  We forget that what we think is not necessarily the only way to think and many times not the best way to do something.  Yet it is familiar to us and we just go along with it.

Very predictable and safe.  In business, especially these days, this trap in thinking is a serious liability.  With globalization in full-swing and competition increasing all around us, big thinking:

  • Creates powerful solutions—By shifting your way of thinking, most likely you’ll cause others around you to shift their way of thinking. The combination of which usually creates powerful solutions.
  • Creates excitement—big thinking creates energy.  Energy creates momentum towards your vision.  And the combination of momentum and excitement generates more excitement and energy.
  • Attracts a big team—People love being around people with great visions of tomorrow.  With your team thinking big with you, exponential results ensue.
  • Causes you to step up—since it was your big thoughts, you are much more likely to step up and do it.  The energy and excitement will feed you to make it happen.
  • Transcends the pettiness—when thinking big, the little that had been tripping you up falls by the wayside.

UnReasonable VS Unrealistic

When most people think big, they think beyond their capabilities.  Nothing wrong with that unless the unrealistic thinker shuts down if/when their expectations are not met.

To think big and then make sure it happens requires two things:

  • Passion—obsession of your vision.  You think about it as much as you can.
  • Conviction—you absolutely know you will be successful.  May not know how, but you know you will.

Now I don’t believe for a minute that Sid Kyston would ever have been able to get the first solar powered city in the world to the point where it is ready to be built if he did not know the power of his thoughts, passionate about his vision and convince he will ultimately succeed.

The same applies to your thinking.

Action Steps for the Week

Tired of thinking the same old way?  Breaking out of your mindset requires being clear on what you are committed to.

First get clear on what you are committed to in the area you are mentally stuck.  For example, if you are not sure how to ramp up your business, get clear on what your vision is for the company.  Make sure you are passionate about it and convinced you will succeed.

Those two components are absolutely necessary to be successful.

Next determine what you need to make your vision happen.  Resources like your team, coach, experience, time and capital.

From here you build your strategy and plan.  Make sure to break it into manageable segments.

Then get started immediately.  Have your team and coach support you as you go forward.  They will be crucial in helping you deal with your obstacles and unknowns.