The Importance of Consistency for Success

In the early 90s I met Tom Schutte.  Tom is president of Pratt Institute here in New York.  Each morning we would see each other at the gym.  He would be there at 7AM sharp swimming his laps for one hour.

Every day.  No matter where he was or if it was snowing.  When he travels he makes sure he stays at a hotel with a swimming pool.  No matter what he gets his laps in.

Tom is now in his 70s and we’ve become good friends over the years.  He has sat on the board of one of my companies and having gotten to know him has helped me really see the inner workings of a truly successful person.

He once told me that he doesn’t know where he would be without his swimming routine in the morning.  He found that the days he did not swim (only a few a year) he feels completely out of balance.

But that is how he does everything.  He has his weekly meetings with his senior staff, monthly meetings with his board of trustees, and is constantly in meetings looking to raise capital for the school.  His energy and enthusiasm is greater than most people half his age.

Tom has been acknowledged for really turning around Pratt into the major success it is today.

And Tom knows that swimming is the cornerstone of all this.  He knows what most high achievers know, and that is it is the consistency that produces powerful results over time.

The more consistent, the greater the results.

When you apply this to your marketing, follow ups, project management, networking events, public speaking, team building, relationship management, financial management, product research and development, environmental and social consciousness, and most importantly: your word, you will absolutely see the results.  Quickly.

I suspect you know this already, but are you doing it?

Here’s the deal:  we will always be lacking consistency in something.  Always.  The point is not to become consistent in everything, but to find those crucial points where it is paramount in who you are as a person and for your business.

For me it is consistency in planning and organizing my projects.

All our top clients create a 12-month strategy for their company.  Each of their plans integrates a routine for consistency, which creates consistency… of results!

So join Tom by making consistency a key part of your business strategy.

Action Steps for the Week:

  1. Make a list of the top five areas you want to be more consistent in.  Make sure they are basic and easy to deal with.  Not things like, “make more sales.”  Instead try, “Approach three new prospects each week.”
  2. BTW:  If you are not consistent in exercising and/or eating well, this should be #1. No exceptions!
  3. Next, take these top five and select two of them, three max.
  4. Then make a routine to ensure they get handled on a regular basis, like no kidding.
  5. To do this effectively, schedule these routines into your calendar now.  Put the day(s) and time(s) you will do them going forward.  Then protect them from getting moved around.

Done consistently, within three weeks these new routines should become habit.

WARNING:  you will do this easily in the beginning.  Eventually you will become tempted to give yourself permission to skip a day.  Do NOT do this!

Once you skip a day, you’ll give yourself permission again.  And again.  Very soon it will be off your agenda completely and you’ll be back to your old way of doing things.

Instead, when you get the urge to skip, remind yourself the importance of consistency and why you are doing what you are committed to doing.