The Five Principles to Achieving the UnReasonable

In the most sweeping legislation passed since Medicare in 1965, and on an issue that has eluded American presidents for about 100 years, the health care reform bill was signed into law this week by President Obama.

Now whether you are for or against the bill, let’s examine how this was achieved. The following five principles are at the core of what it takes to achieve UnReasonable results:

1. Crystal Clear Vision: before his presidency, Obama did not push health reform hard.  After he got clear on what the impact on our country could be, he created a clear vision:  health care for all.  Note the simplicity and power of this vision.

2. Intense Determination: Obama really put everything at stake in the success of this bill passing.  He put the legacy of his presidency at stake.  Not too much more than that he could have put at stake.  He and Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, understood it would take his unwavering commitment to health care reform to generate enough confidence from those he needed on his side.

3. Smart Strategy: Yes, there was a lot of luck.  Yes, timing was good.  Yes the Republican party was not successful in their overall campaign to block the bill.  But in the end, it was the Obama strategy, crafted with others, of having open debates with Republicans, campaign-style outreach across the country and a date set to the vote on the bill.  These are some of the things that made it successful.

4. System to Deal With Obstacles: For example, when Ed Kennedy’s seat was lost to a little-known Republican and the Democrats lost super-majority control in the Senate, the Administration quickly went into campaign mode to recover.   They had their own pollsters keeping tabs on the American opinions and strategists to help determine how to convert concerned Democrats in the House to vote “yes” on the bill.

5. Powerful Support Team: Many credit Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (to a lesser degree), and an inner-circle of advisors and senior Congressmen/women as well as legions of experts in health care and finance reform as well as Legislative Office law involved to move forward Obama’s aggressive agenda.   This team followed and worked with him mainly because they believed in his crystal clear vision and intense determination.

Again, whether you are for or against the health care bill, it is fare to say this was an UnReasonable achievement.

Now just imagine what you could accomplish in business when operating at this level using these five principles!

Action Steps for the Week:

These five principles, which my company has been teaching, coaching and training entrepreneurs on for 7 years now, are exactly what you need to put together to achieve UnReasonable results.

Examine each one carefully in your business:

  • Do you have a crystal clear vision where you are taking your business?  Otherwise you will flounder.  You will also struggle building your following.
  • Do you have intense determination?  If not, you must find the purpose and passion behind what you want to achieve.  Still not coming?  Then the vision needs adjusting.
  • Do you have a smart strategy?  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Create specific and measurable results you can manage.
  • Do you have a system to deal with obstacles?  If not, work through scenarios that may come up and how you will manage them.
  • Do you have a powerful support team? People that listen to you for your greatness?  They will support you to move mountains!  If not, find a mastermind group, coach, or join one of our programs.

Once you have your systems in place, it will amaze you how focused you will stay, how unstoppable you will feel, and how exciting things will get.

And the results will most likely quickly follow.