Spend Everything You Have This Holiday Season!

I wrote this article a few years ago.  Thought I’d update it a bit and resend.  Very timely message.

My wife came home last night all misty-eyed.  She had quite an amazing thing happen at the office, where she works for one of the top acupuncturists-chiropractors in New York City.

A very humble woman had come in to pay cash for a previous visit she had with the doctor.  Evidently there was a problem with her insurance not covering her visit and she scraped up the money to pay the doctor herself.

The woman explained to my wife that she has had back pain for five years and her regular doctor was recommending surgery.

My wife knew the woman was a recent immigrant from Africa and gently explained to her that not all doctors are honest or have her best interest at heart.  She recommended the woman get at least two more professional opinions before making a decision.

The woman said, “OK” and thanked her for the doctor’s time as she felt much better for the first time in a long time.  And unfortunately she would not be coming back since her insurance didn’t cover it.

My wife said she understood and told the woman if anything changed to please call back and make an appointment.

After the woman left, a man who was waiting in the sitting area, walked up to my wife and as he pulled out his wallet said, “I heard that discussion and I would like to pay for that woman’s next five visits.”

Amazed, my wife thanked him and called the woman.  The woman soon returned to learn what had just happened.  As she was thanking the man, he humbly waived her off by saying it was nothing for him to do it.

The woman’s beautiful smile showed her immense gratitude as she sat down to wait for the doctor to see her, while trying to hide her tears.

What was so great about this gift?

Was it that the man had paid for her next five visits?  Was it that he was looking for gratitude?  Was it that the woman was now going to be taken care of a little better?

Perhaps.  But more than that was someone showed they really cared.  This man took the time to listen, step up and do the UnReasonable in a city full of people in need.  And in his small, but significant way, he helped her.

What makes this story so wonderful, though, is how he put his heart and compassion into his gift.

And didn’t expect nor want anything from her in return.

Some of the best gifts are not the ones that cost a lot of money, the funniest nor the biggest.  The best gifts are those that have a piece of the gift-giver in them.

This past weekend my wife gave me a beautiful rose with the most amazing card a woman could write a man she loves.  I will remember that far longer than all the sweaters and shoes I have gotten in the past.

So, this holiday season, consider giving your most precious asset.  Your heart, your soul, your dreams, your beautiful creativity.

Give an authentic piece of you.


Action Steps for the Week

Look at the gifts you intend on giving your customers, friends and family.  Look to see how “you” they are.

How “expensive” are they?  Spend everything you have… with your time, love, soul and creativity.

And with each gift, give a real piece of you.

If you’re not into doing this, that is ok.  In that case, is the person you are thinking to give the gift to that important to you do begin with?

Regardless, Be UnReasonable with your generosity this holiday season.