It’s Never Too Late to Get It Going!

Last night I was blown away by the people I met at an event at Brooklyn College.  Someone close in my life invited me to join them for their graduation ceremony of the Adult Literacy Program that helped them get their General Educational Development (GED) diploma.

Many of the recipients of their high school diplomas last night were people well into their 40’s and even 50’s.

At one point a student in his early 30’s was asked to speak about getting his degree.

I was amazed as he recounted his earlier years getting in trouble with the law in a rough part of Brooklyn and not having many of the privileges I grew up with and take for granted.  In fact many of these graduates had similar stories of growing up in poverty and lacking key support structures.

Yet the smiles, excitement and pure pride were no different than when I was walking down the isle to grab my diploma at 17.

BLD011673One woman with three children must have been in her late 40’s, was there with her three children, 22, 8 and 4 months old.  She was so incredibly happy and was now immediately going for her nursing degree.

And she was on fire.

So if she can accomplish her big goal, you can certainly accomplish yours!

What if you knew that between now and the end of your life you still had 100% to go?

What would you be doing differently?  What would you really go for?


Action Steps for the Week:

Close your eyes and look back over the past few months.  Review what you have been working on for your business… your life.  What has happened as a result?

When ready, open your eyes and answer the following questions:

  • What is that goal you have wanted to do but (for whatever reason) have not?
  • Where are you making yourself wrong for having “missed the boat”, “it’s too late”, or “I’ll never get it now!”?
  • What limiting belief is holding you back from realizing your truest capabilities?
  • Rate Your UnReasonable Factor on a scale of 0-10.  How UnReasonable are you willing to be from this day forward?

Next contemplate what you are truly committed to in your business… your life?

When you are clear on this, work out the game plan on paper for the next year.