How to Manage the Naysayers

Just came back from the Forward on Climate rally in Washington D.C. this weekend.

Nine hours on a packed bus just to spend five hours freezing my ass off in front of the Washington Monument and White House to encourage President Obama to walk his talk on some serious climate decisions he will be making shortly.

Stefan with 40,000+ in DC for the Forward on Climate rally on Feb. 17th
Stefan with 40,000+ in DC for the Forward on Climate rally on Feb. 17th 

And I was blown away by what was happening in front of me.

An estimated 40,000+ people and 168 organizations showed up, braving below-freezing weather, making it the largest climate change rally in US history… by far.

But that is not what blew me away.

Rather, after 25+ years of working on environmental issues, it was seeing first-hand how the movement has finally gone mainstream.


Any UnReasonable dream starts off as just an idea.  A vision, with a purpose.  A purpose that really, really excites you.


Because you are going to get knocked on your ass a lot.  Additionally, you are most likely going to have many, many well-intentioned people tell you it cannot be done.

What will get you back up off your ass is your passion for seeing your goal a reality.

The “can’t be done” mindset is usually just a limited way of thinking.

Keep in mind the #1 naysayer is mostly likely to be you!

Whether the naysayer is that voice in your head or someone else, as an entrepreneur up to something big, you’ll need to get used to it.  And it will be how you react to it that matters.

Handle the negative feedback wisely by taking from it what you can.  Use it to build your vision even better than before.

And if the naysayer persists, and is just off the mark, tell them, “Thank you for sharing, and please step aside.  I have work to do.”

And get back to work on building your UnReasonable dream.


Action Steps for the Week

What is your UnReasonable goal?  How is it coming?

Getting psyched-out?  Revisit why you are doing what you are doing.

What is the impact your goal is going to have on you, your community, even the planet?

Get back in touch with your why.  If it is not clear or strong enough, that is most likely what is stopping you from moving it forward.

With a strong/clear enough why, you can move mountains.