How Entrepreneur Training Helps You Succeed in Life

How you do anything, is how you do everything.  –Unknown

Yep, happened again.  It never fails.

And while the group may be different, the reaction rarely is.  This time it was a great group of about 25 tech startups I was training last month.

I insisted they must know their financials, to be successful in their business.  Their groaning and eye-rolling immediately stopped when I said, “By the way, what you are about to learn is exactly the same as managing your personal finances.”

In fact, there is a high correlation between how you run your business and how you run your life:

  • Vision—How clear are you on your purpose in life?
  • Communication—How are your key personal relationships going?
  • Team Building—What is your favorite sport (team vs. solo)?
  • Marketing / Selling—How easy is it for you to ask someone out on a date?
  • Branding—How do you dress?  How organized is your household?
  • Innovation, Research, Training—When was the last time you took a course or read a book on personal development?
  • Financial Management—What is your personal cash flow looking like?  Are you generating enough income to sustain your personal expenses?  Do you have more personal assets than what you owe?

As you know, business is quite unforgiving today.  Entrepreneurs must step up, or invariably go under.

But knowing how to do this stuff is not the issue.  In fact it’s quite easy to learn how to become an entrepreneur.  We do it all the time in our 7-day workshops here in NYC.

But to master being a successful entrepreneur can take a lifetime.  It takes serious commitment, focus and drive.  Passion is crucial in all of this.
Just ask Richard Branson.  Recently, Branson has been calling entrepreneurs to be UnReasonable (much to my delight!)

Richard Branson the Unreasonable Man says Entrepreneurs Must Be Unreasonable

Because he understands that the status quo is no longer OK.  He understands entrepreneurs need to think and be different.

To succeed, he knows you must be UnReasonable.

And just like my students last month in class, how is that any different than what it takes to succeed in life?

Action Steps for the Week

  1. Identify the area(s) of your personal life that could use some improvement(s).
  2. Next, find their equivalent in your business.  Compare the similarities between the two.  For example, your relationship with your life partner is not as good as it used to be.  You feel like it is struggling. Well, how are your key relationships in your business going?  Could the communication improve?  If so, how and where?
  3. Now create an UnReasonable goal around this area.  What needs to happen for you to transform it?  What are you committed to making happen around that issue?
  4. Set a goal, time line and then implement your strategy ASAP.  Don’t look back and play full out. In both your business and personal life.

Always Be UnReasonable!