BEST Coaches Client Ecologic Solutions Named “Best for the World 2014”

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1. Every year, B Lab shines a light on the members of the B Corp Community who go above and beyond in their pursuit of positive impact. B Corps are certified through taking the B Impact Assessment; a company has to have a verified score of 80 or above in order to become a Certified B Corporation. This means that all B Corps are exceptional performers when it comes to their impact on the environment, their workers, and their communities; they also all meet the highest standards of accountability and transparency. Our “Best for the World” list, however, honors the companies that score in the top 10% of B Corporations, with categories broken down by size. If B Corporations are the best (and we think they are), than this list honors the best of the best.

2. B Corps are businesses certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

3. EcoLogic Solutions Inc. is a Brooklyn-based manufacturer and distributor of environmentally preferable cleaning products and technologies for restaurants, offices, hospitals, hotels, schools, and other institutional users.

This includes game-changing technology called Electro Chemical Activation (ECA), which allows users to make their own cleaners and sanitizers, on site, using only tap water, salt, and small doses of electricity.

And, unlike our competitors, their entire line of products is environmentally preferable.  Green is all they do.

4. Embed the testimonial video ( can be found on Vimeo).
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