It has been a long time since we’ve done a teleseminar.  But this topic so hot for entrepreneurs these days we decided last-minute to set it up:

Smart Funding– Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Wall Street!

I know a bit about this topic, having owned 7 companies over the past 30 years, raised millions and over the past few years been helping others do the same.

On this call, Robert Middleton* will interview me on:

  • Why Wall Street and banks are not equipped to fund small businesses
  • What are the five crucial components that go into a smart capital raise
  • How entrepreneurs can take matters into their own hands for getting funded
  • What are the key stumbling blocks to raising capital and how to avoid them
  • What goes into an action plan for raising smart capital
  • Tips to keep focused and held accountable to raising capital while running your business

Smart Funding– Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Wall Street! Teleseminar:  Thursday, November 3rd, at 12noon PST, 3PM EST.

Interested in learning more and signing onto the call, click here


Looking forward to being on the call next week with you.

Until then always Be UnReasonable!

Founder, CEO
BEST Coaches, Inc.

*– Robert Middleton from Action Plan is one of the top small business trainers in the US.